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Student Startup Story

Where it all began

From the humble beginnings in Oliver’s bedroom (not the garage), NutKase now offers a versatile range of cases for laptops and iPads.

Our First Clients

No business is easy to start and neither Apple nor Media World were knocking on our door to purchase cases. In fact, it was a small luggage store in Connecticut who was our first customer – a whopping 8 case order for $200 ☺

NutKase Event Title

Back then we packed our own cases (often just around the corner from our clients’ stores) and most of our orders were delivered by hand.

Where We Are Today

From our very first sale at Silver’s in December 2011 to today, NutKase has sold products to schools and corporations in over 35 countries on 5 continents.

TEDx Talk

In March 2016 Oliver was invited to give a TedX talk, to share his entrepreneurial journey on how he started and scaled NutKase as well as his new startup Scooterino. To see his talk click here!

Beginning with the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at Lancaster University in the UK and then moving to Draper University in Silicon Valley, Oliver is a testament that with the right passion, drive and mentorship, creating a Startup can be a reality for all students. Oliver and Ross now have offices in Italy and the UK, and are supported by a dedicated team of professionals committed to designing and manufacturing superior cases and accessories!